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A tiny LOWREZJAM 2016 action adventure game by ODS.

Embark on a dangerous journey as a mere mortal in a realm controlled by Eternal gods.

Some words:

There are certainly more fun games to make for such a fine jam as this, but I thought I'd push myself a little by making a game and a soundtrack for it at the same time. :)

Now the game runs in a virtual resolution of 1600x900 but the actual game is obviously rendered to a 64x64 screen in the middle. Therefore there ARE some sub-pixel movements happening with certain GUI elements. But the game, itself, runs pixel perfect in 64x64.

Playing with a XBOX 360 gamepad is *Strongly* recommended, but just in case the game defaults to keyboard control which works just as well if it detects no controllers connected.

Feel free to get in touch if there are any questions! :) Twitterhandles are below.


!!!!PLEASE NOTE!!!!:

The titlescreen tells you to "press 'a' button". It wrongfully assumes that you've got a xbox 360 gamepad connected in which case 'a' button makes sense. But on keyboard the button to press is 'k', since that maps to the same action used.

Controls on Keyboard are WASD and UIOJK.


Peter (aka PEET) (@peter_karp):
- Programming
- Art
- Sound design
- Music
- "Writing"
- Design

Bag (@bagthebag)
- Design
- Art


Install instructions

Download, unzip, enjoy


THE_MORTAL_1.2.zip 36 MB


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Wow. That was way beyond my expectations, as I don't care for hack-and-slash games... but the animation, sound design, and... well, everything, was just incredible. Such excellent work! Thank you.

So glad you enjoyed it! :D Thanks for the very kind words and thank you for playing! :)